A program, thanks to which you will plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and creativity, as well as find the way to the life of your dreams!
You will create 4 interior masterpieces on your topics in different styles: pop art, fluid art, Gold Art.

All the paintings will be loaded for success and become guides to your new happy life.

With the help of art therapy, you will improve and enrich your life in key areas
Happy relationship with your partner
Self-realization in your business and high income
Health and creativity
Treat yourself to a week on Lake Como and transform yourself into a new state!

Realize your most ambitious ideas on canvas and in life!
To be a woman who has everything! - It's not just to feel the inner potential, but also to be able to implement your plans
The art therapy program will take place at the peak of the velvet season in the luxurious historical Villa Silva with a swimming pool. All bedrooms start from 35 m, with separate beds, equipped with bathroom and dressing room. The Villa has its own access to the water and a pier, a picturesque garden in the prestigious area of Como.

A special atmosphere of privacy and romance, classical architecture, exquisite interior with the preservation of elements of antique furniture and art objects will create a sense of comfort for guests.

Gastronomic dinners at sunset. Infinity with the fresh breeze of the lake. A place where history and style coexist, where the fresh taste of Italy's food and traditions, a place where water and Earth connect together.

15-20 SEPTEMBER 2019
Day 1. Anticipation
  • Arrival
  • Transfer to the Villa. Accommodation
  • 14.00 Lunch on villa
  • 18.00 Аn elegant aperitif, tasting of light Italian wines, meeting participants
  • Free time
  • 19.00 Welcome dinner at the Villa.

The atmosphere of an elegant Villa located on the shore of the lake with stunning views. A picturesque view of the sunset and a gourmet dinner from an Italian chef is the perfect place to meet in a women's circle, with loved ones in spirit.
Day 2. The path to a new self
  • 8.00 Breakfast in the villa, fairy tale therapy on resource
  • 9.00 — 11.00. Meeting in the garden. Psychological master class. I am an image. A treasure trove of my talents. Manifestation of intention. Elaboration set goals
  • Free time
  • 14.00 Lunch at the Villa
  • Free time
  • 17.00-19.00 Meeting in the garden at the Villa.
  • The creation of the first Paintings-masterpiece on opening resources and a new yourself. Art therapy. Draw paintings in the style of pop art using collage techniques.
  • 20.00 Dinner at the Villa with the group.

The second day gives an opportunity to get acquainted with yourself from a new side, to see the huge potential and strength for creativity and self-realization. To live a deep insight in meditation and practice in the fresh air. Clearly articulate goals and strengthen your intention.
Day 3. Happy relationship with partner
  • 8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast with surprise
  • 9.00 - 11.00. Meeting in the garden. Therapeutic work " Inner man and inner woman»
  • Free time
  • 14.00-15.00 Lunch
  • 15.00-17.00 Creation of the resource Picture "Love". Picture charged with love and beauty.
  • Free time
  • 18.00 transfer to wine tasting. "Wine as an art form»
  • 20.00 Dinner in the city

The third day will give a lot of courage, cheerful emotions, easy flirting and a state of femininity. A lot of music and movement. A tasting trip with new friends. Walking in the evening Como and possibly new acquaintances.
Day 4. Business and high income
  • 8.00-9.00 Breakfast in the villa. Fairy therapy for success
  • 9.00-10.00 Meeting on the terrace. "Working with purpose. Success in my favorite business." Development of personal success strategies. Work with personal limitations and resistance.
  • 11.00-13.00 Creation of the third Picture. Paint magic paintings of my new life. We use collage techniques, gold and silver. Coded, loaded picture-guide to the realization of your goals.
  • Free time
  • 14.00-15.00 Lunch
  • Free time
  • 17.00-19.00 boat Trip on the lake and photo shoot
  • 20.00 Dinner at the Villa with the group

The fourth day is a day of success and abundance. Financial success, thanks to your favorite business is the basic rule of a woman of high rank. But where to without magic?! Art therapeutic techniques will help to start the magical process of implementing the most ambitious plans! And in your hands there will be another masterpiece, loaded with success.
Day 5. Women's inner strength and health
  • 8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast with surprise
  • 9.00 - 11.00 Meeting in the garden. "Psychosomatic health. My internal resources. The shadow part." Work with metaphorical cards
  • Free time
  • 14.00-15.00 Lunch
  • Free time
  • 16.00 -18.00 painting to choose from in any of the 10 styles and a lecture playing in the style of "I and my alter ego»
  • 18.00-18.30 Aperitif in the garden
  • 19.30 transfer to the restaurant by boat
  • 20.00 Gala dinner at the restaurant "Imperialino". Discussions, role-playing and situational games. Summarizing. Surprises from the organizers.

To be a happy woman is to be at peace with your feelings, to be free to express yourself and your unique nature, to believe in yourself as easily as to breathe. Free yourself from the inner shackles of fear, criticism, outdated beliefs and allow yourself to be the real yourself.

To meet with the main person - yourself, in order to hear your true desires... Start to realize your happy scenario, full of love and abundance.

Day 6. Forward to your beautiful reality!
  • Breakfast at the Villa. Magic meditation NEW LIFE. Overall results
  • Farewell and departure of all participants
  • Transfer to airport
A gala dinner will be held at the elegant Ristorante Imperialino
Panoramic gourmet restaurant with magnificent views of Lake Como
In the restaurant Imperialino you will find a unique gastronomic experience which will remain forever in your memories
Featuring fine dining and a lakeside location, Imperialino is listed in the Gambero Rosso guide 2018 and 3 forks as a pleasant restaurant in the Michelin guide 2018.
4 paintings written by you on large canvases for the interior
20 hours of therapeutic work in group and individual trainings, game lectures and practical tasks
A new state.Find the resources to solve your problems and start generating joy and energy. You will form new useful mental habits. Increase your efficiency and direct yourself to achieve your goals and objectives
Enjoy the Italian cities of Moltrasio, Torno and most picturesque places of lake Como
Visit wine tastings and discover wine as an art
Enjoy traditional Italian cuisine in a luxurious lakeside restaurant
You will make new interesting acquaintances
Relax in the atmosphere of a luxurious historical Villa with a swimming pool
Psychologist, art therapist, interpersonal relationship consultant, frequent guest and expert on leading Russian channels. Creator of the project "Royal Club". Lives on two countries Russia (Moscow) - Switzerland (Geneva). A woman who has everything.
Artist, psychologist, art therapist. Knows how to be a woman who has everything! Happy wife, lives in two countries- Russia (Moscow) - Luxembourg, earns huge money doing things, the project's Creator Artbirdparty and organizer of art events in Europe. Participant of more than 25 solo and group exhibitions in Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg.

3400 €
All inclusive
Accommodation in a double room

Let's go!
What is included in the program price:

♦The work of the two authors and their presence in the Villa and with the group 24 hours a day

♦ All the necessary materials for a creative classroom (easels, canvases, paint, brushes, etc)

♦ Accommodation in the historical and picturesque Villa Silva, prestigious lake Como area in double room (for single room, please contact the organizers)

♦ Gastronomy Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Villa with a personal chef

♦The best sparkling, red and white wines of Italy.

♦Gala dinner in the restaurant Imperialino.

♦ Transfer service in accordance with the program, service in the rooms and in the Villa. (waiters, cook, Concierge)

♦ Tour to the winery and wine tasting.

♦ Photo session

♦ Boat ride

* The cost of the program does not include the cost of flights

The number of seats is limited

Register in advance.

If you have any questions about the program or organization, please contact us
Аnna Lapina
Phone: +352 621 696 100
Instagram: @artlapina
Nadezhda Rimskaya
Phone: + 41 79 482 64 71
Instagram: @rimskayan
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