ART-Gourmet ladies Trip

JANUARY 25-30, 2020

Better then mountains can be just mountains... which you saw and captured on canvas!
A delightful ladies trip in the pearl mountains awaits us!
From far away, like precious stones, sparkling glaciers, mountainsides in a star of light, mysteriously and mysteriously ...
The mysteries and mysticism of the mountains are dedicated to our new art ladies party.

And the conductor to this mysterious, majestic and attractive world will be Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich - "Master of the Mountains"
The Roerich Mountains live and breathe, and the breath of the Earth and the Universe mixes in their breath.
Art Therapy Program
The master class that we will hold in the mountains will be the starting point in the mystical world of Nikolai Konstantinovich, who is one of the most mysterious painters, a mystery of his era.

We will discover a unique phenomenon in world art - the Himalayan studies of the great artist. As you know, he wrote several hundred of them, but not a single work is like another. For Roerich, mountains are a special place on earth.

Relying on Roerich's techniques and plunging into his mystical world of Shambhala through meditation, we will learn to draw mountains from nature.
You will also create interior masterpieces according to your chosen subjects in the style of: pop art, fluid art, Gold-art.
So went our past art ladies parties
Exciting transformational games that change consciousness and life
We will discover the sacred knowledge of the soul and consciousness through deep meditations and games.

In the evening we will gather in the hall by the fireplace to play exciting transformational games.
GAME "TRANSFORMATION" accurately reflect your life situation and provide the necessary strength, resources and awareness for its transformation.
You will move along symbolic paths of life, face obstacles, insights and resources.

"SPLINTERS OF THE SOUL" - is a game about the return of joy and taste to life, the resolution of internal contradictions, the realization of one's cherished desire and the achievement of a goal.
The game helps to start moving forward if you are stuck and are at a standstill, or repeat the same negative scenario. Returns personal strength and integrity.
You can find inner support that will help in realizing your goal.

Accommodation in a luxurious Chalet with its own spa and pools
Pure Black & White Crystal - 2 impressive mountain homes with luxurious spa amenities and swimming pools.

The chalet is located in the Three Valleys ski area, near the center of the village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. Stylish interior with alpine charm, a delightful living room with vaulted high ceilings and panoramic windows surrounded by mountains - this is exactly the space where we will create.

At our disposal for all days 2 cars service car
After walking in the fresh air, you can relax in the spa complex and swim in the indoor pool.
The personal Chef will delight us with gastronomic delights with traditional French restaurants according to our wishes.

Outdoors, sunlit terraces.
Let's try a traditional local fondue
With a glass of wine in hand under the alpine sun
What happens to us when it snows? We are becoming young again!
We want to convey our party.

Winter fun for every taste: dog teams, walks in a night village with torches and many other surprises.
You can go skiing if you wish
The resort has one of the best ski system of lifts connecting it with other resorts called Three Valleys. Less than 15 minutes are needed to get to the funicular or six-seat staircase to the summit that separates Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Meribel. About 600 km of ski slopes will be available in this region.
Michelin-starred gala dinner
By tradition, a gala dinner awaits us - in the star restaurant La Bouitte with 3 Michelin stars - a real gem and pride of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville.

And, of course, a professional photo shoot!
Touch the mysterious and mystical world of Roerich!

You'll Bring home not only paintings, but also a new self!

January 25-30, 2020
3400 €
All inclusive
Accommodation in a double room
5500 €
All inclusive
Accommodation in a single room
* business class transfer from Geneva airport is included
* flight to Geneva is NOT INCLUDED in the price
* a place is considered reserved upon depositing 50% of the cost within 3 calendar days
Autors project's
Nadezhda Rimskaya

Psychologist, Art Therapist, consultant on interpersonal relations, frequent guest on TV, "Royal Club " creator. Lives in Russia (Moscow) and Switzerland (Geneva). The woman, who has everything.

Anna Lapina

An artist, psychologist, art therapist. Knows how to be a woman who has everything! Happy wife, lives in Russia (Moscow) and Luxembourg. Artbirdparty project creator, and art parties organizer in Europe. Participant in more than 25 personal and group exhibitions in Russia, France, Germany and Belgium.
If you have any questions about the program or organization, please contact us
Anna Lapina
Phone: +352 621 696 100
Instagram: @artlapina
Nadezhda Rimskaya
Phone: + 41 79 482 64 71
Instagram: @rimskayan
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